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How to Increase Cash Flow and Maintain Lifestyle

Are you going to Stay Retired ?

Are you wondering if you have enough money to stay retired? Are you concerned about having the ability to continue your lifestyle? Do you have a written retirement plan? Many retirees are wondering today if they have not only enough of a nest egg to stay retired, but also what method to use to distribute it. It is not only the size of your portfolio but how you distribute it.


Have you been coached or told that it is perfectly acceptable to sell a piece of your principal every month to live off of? Unfortunately many retirees are using that very strategy today. When you sell your principal every month it becomes almost a race to death...which dies first you are your nest egg? The key is understanding the alternatives to selling your nest egg.


Know the facts before you take another distribution. GREAT NEWS!! I have written this book on retirement distribution strategies just for someone like you! I promise not to give you a lot of theory and fancy computer models but just a commonsense approach I have used with success for over 34 years in helping retirees find solutions to their retirement needs. If you are not 100% confident about your retirement plan then you need to read this book!























Here's What You'll Learn From this Compelling Book :

-   Ways to Increase Cash Flow  and Maintain Lifestyle

-   Determining Your Safe Withdrawal Rate

-   The 3 methods of Retirement Income Distribution

-   Which investments to liquidate first

-   The Ways to minimize taxes on distributions

-   Avoiding the dollar price erosion strategy

-   Avoiding the Selling Principal strategy




I feel so strongly about the importance of these topics and others discussed

in this book that I am offering it free to visitors to my website. *  


( *  The book is offered on Amazon for $19.95 )




About the Author - John Romano, CFP®

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“ Remember it is not only the size of
       your Portfolio that matters
       but how you Distribute it ”